A Perfect Pair of Glasses Is the Right Combination of Frame and Lens.

We Do Eye Exams, Medical With the Eye, Sell Glasses and Contacts, Special Testing for Dry Eye, Glaucoma, and More

Eye Testing

Experienced Optometrist in Salem, Oregon

Salem's Eye Professionals is an optometrist in Salem, Oregon, that applies your unique prescription to the best lens type made with the best lens material and is finished with the best lens coating to fit your lifestyle within your budget. You'll Notice a Difference!

Salem Eye Professionals use the most up-to-date procedures and equipment to assess your vision and eye health properly.


Meet Our Optometric Physician - Dr. Huggett

Darek Huggett aims as an Optometric Physician to offer eye care services to improve his patients' vision care and eye health. Dr. Huggett is an expert in examining, diagnosing, treating, and managing diseases, injuries, and abnormalities of the eye and associated tissues and eye conditions caused by **Auto-Immune diseases.

We Now Offer

  • State-of-the-art RETINAL EXAM
  • Facilitates early protection from vision impairment and blindness
  • Early detection of non-vision related life-threatening diseases
  • No eye DILATION
  • Total Comfort

We Go Beyond CDC Guidelines Your Safety Is Our Concern

An Appointment Is Required

  • Eye examinations
  • Dispensing

Upon Your Arrival

  • Temperature check
  • COVID questionnaire
  • Face mask (as required)

Additional Measures

  • Doctor & staff face masks
  • Front office counter shield


I've been getting eye exams, buying glasses for over 40 years, always going for the "bargains," and always getting what I paid for.... 10-minute exams and cheap glasses. THEN a friend recommended Dr. Darek Huggett in Salem, OR. "SALEM!" I complained. "I'm not driving 50 miles to Salem for glasses". My friend assured me I wouldn't regret it. So I made an appointment and....   I FOUND MY EYE DOCTOR!

I didn't know eye exams could be so high tech and exhaustive. Dr. Huggett checked EVERYTHING! He treated me as if he really cares because he does.

After the exam his staff took over. They not only have an incredible amount of product knowledge, but an excellent sense of style. With thousands of frames to choose from, they helped find the perfect frames within my budget.

They also make lenses right there with state-of-the-art technology. I love my glasses, I love my prescription sunglasses, and I love Salem's Eye Professionals.

Sven B.,

NE Portland, OR

After a very disappointing experience with another provider I found Dr. Huggett.

* Dr. Huggett was able to meet with me on a Saturday to provide eye exam.

* Dr. Huggett was punctual, professional, personable, and very thorough during the eye exam.

* Dr Huggett's staff was very pleasant.

* I am very pleased with the prescription provided by Dr. Huggett.

In short I plan on visiting Dr. Huggett and his staff for future eye  exams.

Todd B.,

K., OR

Dr. Huggett and his staff have provided me with the best eye care anyone would want for the last 10 years. Dr. Huggett takes a complete medical record and uses it to give an in depth review of my eye health. His staff is friendly and helpful.

Mary B.

Portland, OR

I have been to quite a few eye doctors in my life. I've never found one worth being loyal to until Dr. Huggett! I first  had an experience with his awesomeness a few years back when I randomly went into Lens Crafters in Salem. He was working there at the time. When I went back the next year he was gone and I had some not-as-awesome Dr. Fast.

I decided to look for Dr. Huggett to see if he had opened a practice - he had!

Dr. Hugget is so friendly! I swear the guy is always happy and positive. His energy is contagious and just nice to be around. His receptionist, Emily, I believe, totally knows her stuff. (I'm going to feel so bad if I got her name wrong, because she is just so fantastic at her job!)

The doctor seriously wants to get your prescription right. If you aren't satisfied, come back in. Some lenses can be back to you in just a couple of days. They have a good selection of frames and do offer contact lenses.

I have my husband and my mother hooked on Huggett!!

Paige H.,

Salem, OR

This guy is great! He is very caring and enthusiastic. A nice plus is that his office carries a wide variety of frames.

I definitely recommend going to see him and his staff whether you need an exam or just some new eye wear.


Portland, OR

I've had some good eye doctors over the years, but Dr. H is the best one.  He gives the patient plenty of time, explains things, and along with his staff goes the extra mile to make you feel welcome.  I went undiagnosed with high pressure/glaucoma with a previous eye doctor.  Dr. H nailed it right away and set me on a good path forward.  Also, they have a nice selection of frames.

Brandon K.

Dr. Huggett has been my family’s optometrist for over ten years now.  He is very professional and I cannot say enough good things about his practice.  Highly recommended.

Travis W.

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